Register to the APE

It is simple to register as a member of the APE, just fill in the registration form and pay the fee of 20 Euros that permits the association to function.


The active members enrich the APE by bringing their ideas, their skills, and time. The projects of the APE are accomplished thanks to the collaboration of the active members.
If you are interested in leanding a hand, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Become a Class Representative

At the beginning of each school year, you can volunteer yourself as representative of the class of your child. The APE must ensure that there are at least two parents volunteering per class and presents to the school directors the final list or class reps.

The volunteer work of the class rep is to be the link between the class families and the APE.

As per the teacher’s request, the elected parent can invite other parents to participate in school field trips or class activities, which gives a chance to be part of the child’s school experience.

During the school year, the class rep conveys the APE’s information to the class families that have agreed to be contacted. He or she is free to organize social gatherings between the parents (morning coffees, diners…) to discuss a particular class topic during the school year.

The class rep is the voice of the whole family’s class during the Conseil d’Ecole (School Board Meeting). The School Board meeting take place twice during the year, all institutional entities (the School directors, the Teachers, and the Parents’ Representatives) participate and exchange thoughts on the topics impacting the school.

The network of the class reps is an essential layer to our association and permits us to be present within each home.

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