APE Volunteering this Spring at Punto Luce

Creating Bonds and Memories: The Spring Workshops of APE Volunteering at Punto Luce-Save the Children in Turin

APE Volunteering, the APE commission dedicated to charitable works for junior and senior high school students, is proud to announce its partnership with the association Punto Luce-Save the Children in La Vallette. Managed by the nuns who once resided in the buildings of our school, then called “la Sassine,” Punto Luce is much more than just a meeting place. It is a beacon of light in the heart of a challenging neighborhood, offering a multitude of courses every afternoon to help children with their homework and provide a support space for families.

This spring, APE Volunteering committed to strengthening this precious bond by offering a series of creative workshops. Wednesdays were reserved for mothers with the volunteer moms from Giono, with sessions focused on creating cosmetics, decorating cardboard boxes, and much more. Two Saturdays were also dedicated to the volunteer students of APE Volunteering, who had the opportunity to share their creativity with the children of Punto Luce. Together, they created bracelets, flower pots, and shared moments of reading and unforgettable memories.

These workshops are not just creative activities but opportunities to bring neighborhoods and cultures closer together. They embody the spirit of solidarity and inclusion that animates our educational community, and we are grateful to Punto Luce-Save the Children for their valuable partnership. Together, we illuminate the future of these children, offering them moments of joy, learning, and connection.

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