The 2023 Christmas lottery

Here is the result of the 2023 Christmas lottery draw that took place this afternoon.

You can find the video of the Draw on our Instagram:
Congratulations to the winners!!! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

Thank you all for your participation, thank you to our little innocent hands Martina, Alessandro and Romeo and a big thank you to all our donors.

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See you Thursday morning at the gate to collect your prizes!

The list of winners:

206 Lego Star Wars
213 Paralume Moye
214 Burrocacao colorati Free Ride protection
215 Luxury Home Fragrance Rosa Chic
216 Orecchini Palumella
217 Marchetti spa cream
223 Marchetti
227 Urban Spa
239 Marchetti Gianduja pandoro
246 Borsa Amma
250 Luxury Home Fragrance Rosa Chic
252 Pallone autograph Juventus
255 Barò cosmetics
258 Juventus T-Shirt
300 Ferrero Chocolates
301 Juventus Cap
306 Zaino Viaggio 40 L Decathlon
307 Cosmetics and natural products my essentials
310 Buono 100€ K-WAY
317 Toro T-Shirt
319 Marchetti Zabaudo with traditional zabaione
335 Segnalibro Profumati Rosa Chic
337 Segnalibro Profumati Rosa Chic
344 Segnalibro Profumati Rosa Chic
345 Borsa Borbonese
401 Juventus Cap
404 Buono 100€ Superga
429 Discovery Kit – Maliz Water
432 Luxury Home Fragrance Rosa Chic
434 Marchetti zabaione
436 Marchetti zabaione
504 Borsa Camilla (fatta mano all’unicetto) Manacero
508 Heating pad with noccioli di ciliegia Dara
512 Orecchini Tata Borello
517 Dr. Mauro Dolza
518 Cibil Blue


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