On the occasion of the 53rd World Earth Day, the APE, in collaboration with the teaching staff and the Clean The Planet association, made it possible for children and young people to experience three days which they will remember and which will contribute to their education on recycling and their development as eco-citizens.

In honor of this year the paper!
We had the joy of welcoming Maestro Sandro Tiberi (an initiative in collaboration with the Paper Museum) who explained and made paper with primary and secondary school students.
The Robidone has been a real success in kindergarten and primary, an innovative robot that loves the environment and helps to better understand selective sorting.
Mr Soudan, a technology teacher, was also able to use his knowledge of cardboard to make cardboard furniture with a few middle and high school students.
Thank you to all the volunteer parents who led workshops with recycled paper and who made his days wonderful!

Video made by Clean The Planet

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