Today, the APE is calling for your donations to finance the renovation and decoration project of the wall adjacent to the school, Strada Superga.

The project

This project was born from the desire to highlight the school, thanks to a mural whose motifs were developed by the students, under the supervision of Mr. Kastelic.

It is therefore an educational project, of which the students are very proud, and which will allow our school to distinguish itself artistically!

The project has already been validated by the Municipality of Turin.

We need your help to finance the realization !

How to support the project?

You can simply make a donation, by sending the sum of your choice to the APE account (see below).

In addition, the APE team will sell T-Shirts to finance this project. The sale price is set at a minimum of 20€, you are free to give more to support us.

It will be possible to buy them at the entrance and/or exit, on the Strada Superga side, in the coming weeks.

How to donate:

Campaign reference: FAISONS LE MUR

Bank transfer: IBAN: IT96H0200801021000101964640

Satispay: by scanning the QR code below:

Thank you very much for your help !

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